Sunday, March 14, 2010

Partycja Rogacka


First week

I came to Georgia at 5 am at 16 of January. It was so nice that my new flatmate and friend from work, they were waiting for me on the airport. Oh my God I felt so tired, but people from Siqa they invited me for dinner- I really didn’t want go- but I went, and was really nice, I start feel like at home!!! First week of course I start looking how the office is working and teaching name of everybody!!!! It was quite hard because they quite strange for first heard!!!! On Saturday I went for training about Human Rights, I met young people from Svaneti ( it’s part of Georgia, they have also they own dialect), they really enjoyed this training and they had a lot of questions!!! The biggest problem for me was that this training was in Georgian language so I didn’t understand at all, but in evening we went together for the dinner and I started more speak with them and was so funny, I tried traditional Georgian food like: khinkali, kababi, mchadi,mtsvadi, cheese, sulguni, lavashi, everything was delicious!!!! For me the most amazing of this evening was, that I saw traditional Georgian dance, it look fantastic, and I gave myself promise that I have to try it and learn one before I leave Georgia. The same was with music, I had so big problem with sit on one place and I would love to join to dancers. So I came back home so late.....


Second week

I start to feel more like home, I know where I find everything what I need, I start to know how looks work in my host organization, I visit with other SIQA’s volunteer Careless Children’s house where I will do same activities!! Other volunteers invited me for soccer math, and of course our team won. One evening in our organization is movie night this time was really short Georgian movie but they invited the director, I of course still understand nothing but music I really like!!!


Third week

I still working about my presentation about Poland, The volunteer she did really good work so I have decided to do something different and show some famous polish people, but it’s always problem to who choose? All week I worked in Siqa and join in other volunteer’s activities. My Georgian is better I don’t have problems with litter – it’s for me a big deal!!! Last Sunday my Georgian teacher she has invited me to her place with other volunteer Alison and we have cooked together and have watched movie, we have spent really great time…but in the evening was waiting Georgian numbers….disaster….


Forth week

I almost all week have spent on the training in Zugdidi, was really cool, the trainers was nice and was so nice to meet other volunteers, people who has the same problems, questions and was so nice to share experiences. All evenings we spent in City bar – the only club-pub there. First minute there was so nice because I met in the bus nice lady and I went with her for coffee and the weather was warmer. Third day we spent in Kutajsi and was seeing, but was to windy. I have met the other volunteer from Poland there. On Sunday I was at home and I tried to cook, one of the best for me Georgian meal – khingali with my flatmate and her friends, The taste was really good, I always eat 2-3, this time I ate 8!!!!


Fifth week

It was crazy week!!! I start first class with kids, they are amazing, but we have a little problem with communications, because they don’t speak Russian or English, but I don’t speak Georgian, yet!! We were dancing Macarena. I found the school where They teach Georgian dances and I have had first class. Only thing what I can said that It more difficult than I thought but I enjoy it a lot!!! Again movie evening!! All weekend I was in Tbilisi, my favorite part is the old one, all churches are amazing.


Sixth week

Work with kids, I enjoy it a lot, but I think that cold was coming to me because I feel so weak. Still Georgian dance class but it getting be more difficult. I start to think to do sth more for the kids, some movie afternoon, but I have problems to find cartoons in Georgian, and I would like to take them for ride by small cars, but it more expensive than I thought so first I have to find some sponsors, I hope it will be working!!! On Friday again movie evening and I pick up one of the kid who knew Russian and I hope that she enjoy!!!

Saturday, February 27, 2010

“Youth Works in Rural Areas”

Youth Works in Rural Areas” is a training course which has developed by a NGO in Mus, Turkey, that is called Genc Capa Dernegi which is working in rural areas.

Young people in rural areas has a lot of difficulties on healt, education, work, etc. And they need more support to establish their futures. That is why we are working young poeple in rural areas.

The main aim of our training course is to develop knowledge, skills and attitudes of youth workers and youth leaders working with young people in the rural areas combating social exclusion, poverty and other challenges in rural youth work.

Non formal education methods will be used in the training course. At the end of this training course, we aim trained youth workers who has leant new tools to use in their local areas and also has a network within rural organization around Europe and its neighbors.

We are going to organise this project between 1-8 March 2010 in Mus, Turkey with the pathner organisations from Protugal, Latvia, Greece, Slovakia, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Armenia, Ukraine and Moldova. We will have 2 participants from each organisations. All together we will be 25 people in the training course; 20 participants, 2 trainers and 3 support staffs.

„Youth on the way to Europe without borders”

Date: 30th April to 10th of May 2010

Place: Kielce (Poland)



Name of organization

Amount of participants








SIQA Georgian Accociation of Educational Initiatives




Virumaa Youth Initiative








Vilnius University Students’ Representation (VU SA)







*There should be balance between men and women from each country.

The project "Youth on the way to Europe without borders” will rely on organizing the Polish-Ukrainian-Estonian-Georgian-Turkish-Lithunian international exchange.

The main goal of the project is to shape European awareness among the participants of the project, through taking up a dialog, learning about the culture and promoting the activity of civil youth. The project will foster cooperation between youth from this countries to cooperate and intensify international integration. There will be organized a theatrical presentation – pantomime, which bring young people closer to intercultural integration. The main methods of the work which will be used in the project: workshops, discussion, presentation, work in small groups, the various forms of the evaluation of the project. The project will take place in Kielce from 30th April to 10th of May 2010. The total number of participants in the exchange will be 36 - 6 participants from each country. The youth will be engaged in the realization on every stage of the project. During the realization of the project participants exchange their conception and information concerning the present and future cooperation.


This project will take place in 19-26 April 2010 in Uzundere / Erzurum – Turkey
The aim of project named as “ Migrate On Sky ” is meeting the youngs with the emigration of wild birds which takes place in valley of the world being the most important events of natural life. Morever, it’s aim is giving information about EC environmental policy and helping about cultural and social developments with their own participation to this project with the hosting UDOSK. Five participants from different countries together us will take place at this project. Also with five participants of thirty youngs from all different countries

Saturday, November 21, 2009

თამთა და ლიკა, ვარშავა

მოხალისეების დღიური :)
2 ოქტომბრიდან გვქონდა ტრენინგი Europa +/- 20. მანამდე კი ჩაგვიტარდა "on arrival" ტრენინგი.
10 ოქტომბერს გვქონდა კავკასიური საღამო, სადაც მოვამზადეთ ქართული კერძები, ხაჭაპური. ლიკამ გოზინაყიც კი გააკეთა, რომელმაც დიდი მოწონება დაიმსახურა. ამ საღამოზე გავიცანით პოლონეთში მცხოვრები ქართველები.
21-23 ოქტომბერს გვქონდა შეხვედრა შუმანის სხვა მოხალისეებთან და ტრენინგი. ამ შეხვედრაზე მოვაწყვეთ საქართველოს პრეზენტაცია, ასევე ჩემი (თამთას) ახალი კლიპის პრეზენტაციაც :) 24-ში მე და ლიკა ვიყავით საქართველოს საკონსულოში. ვემზადებით საახალწლო კონცერტისათვის. პარალელურად შერეული ოჯახების ბავშვებს ვასწავლით ქართულს.
თამთა ყველიაშვილი

normal ! we were in the Parlament. so, it was this month i started my music lessons (theraphi) in thekindergarden. it`s perfect, two children already know the georgiansong. I hope it lasts well. the director didn`t give me free morning, to start late and finishlate two days ar one day. I feel bad for this , that`s why I need tosleep early. maybe my roommate will do her work at the work or in thekichen. i always do this. because we have only one room.
I think everything is ok. in this month we have got "karta pobita", it`s not so interesting, but is more important and needs more attention than another things.
For me december was very nice , because in Poland, there was my first concert, (about 30m). :) It was the festival, "teraz gruzja" and the organizators asked me for concert and I gave it. (11-12 december) this festival takes part every year.
I`m a little bit sad, because it`s december, my lovely month... in this month is a Christmas and a new year, but I`m here, without family and friends. though I have invitations, and I`m going to two place... :) marry christmas in advance. :)
In my kindergarden everything is good. on 22nd, we had "wigilia" and my children sang a georgian song. we have got some present from kindergarden and I have got from my group`s teachers very nice present. so, I think that`s all. :)
see you in next month.
It was busy month. I had a concert, but not my, in the embassy.( for children) then I got a cold, and three days was very bad. justina, natalia and my friend from georgia were very attentivly.( and Lika was on seeside... ) after this one I went to the mountains, and I spent there 8 days. very good time and memories from that place. I was in Magda`s husbend`s family. very big family, very !!! :) and miss my life in georgia. :( I feel that I changed a little bit, i wanted, but after this journey i`ll be the same as before. (not so much..) I`m strange, I`m difficult and sometimes very bad, but this is me! I love everyone here, but I need my life. i understood it here
and it`s very good for me.
sooo, today is lika`s birthday and I love this day!!! :)
The last month of winter and shorter...:) but I liked this winter...!!! Toruń, Toruń, Toruń... my favourit training after 2006. yes, i can say that it was very exciting and very interesting adventurous for me. (little bit difficult but..) good people, good trainers and amazing
city!!! after this training I have a new ideas, because i met a girl from Italy, who works with different people, (different countries) in Byałistok, there are georgian people there and I want to go and talk to them. Maybe i`ll do some activity.
After this training was "Fire-party" (kuling) :D and McDonalds. :D In the kindergarden everything is ok, i`m a little bit cold. :( so, my voice is lazy to sing.:D but I want to give some concert in apriel for parents and teachers and for my friends, of course, but i don`t know
anything details yet.
I have a NEWS: my friends, who are studing here, adviced me to enter
to Warsaw University and stay here. I`m thinking. :)
Very good month, it`s spring. :) my children already sing second
georgian song.
(jujuna cvima, about spring`s rain). :(
soo, good month, easter, Wrocław and me. :) the end of month is a little bit difficult but, it will be ok, i hope.
We, me and sabrina spent very good time in Wrocław. there were other our volunteers (klaudia and sinika) and our coordinators. of course they were for a comference, but however they found a time to meet us. :) I know my coordinator in georgia, my lovely Inga, wants me to write some good story, but... :D I can write that i have a difficult time, but I`m happy when my children, in kindergarden are singing georgian songs. the director is also very glad and content with us.(and teachers) last week was melanie`s presentation about France and I think i`ll have to do it also. :D that`s the all.
Already spring, it`s very good, and i`ve left just two month... it`s not a last report but, i think May was really busy. it`s started from Schuman`s Parade and ended on a sea side. :D I don`t know how to start, because my Natalia is
leaving on 31st of may, and I`ll be alone. of course other EVS and of course my Lika is here but Natalia is Natalia and nobody can change her! :( at the begining i
was thinking that won`t be close with these people because after it`s difficult to say goodbye and somehow i managed it, but some of them for me is very important and it will be stress... that`s why i decided to travel more in june, not to see
often them. I`m worring, i feel empty and full together. i found something other, that was not in my life so often, i`m glad and i`m sad, it`s my song... :D I hope time will cure everything, i`ll remember just the best things and my song won`t be so
sad but it`ll be full of amocion of love ! :) and just now Natalia laughed at me, (on sonday morning she is writing report, my sweet)
about work? everzthing is ok, we are prepering the concert and i˛ll sing. mz director is veri exsited. this is my speech, for today, i thing˛i won˛t say
enything else, it˛s too much from my side, as i know myself. Buziaki.
The last month !!!
It`s difficult to say that it was good month, because of this Goodbye...but i`m glad that everything finished good. the project for me was interesting, i had
opportunity to meet many people and talk to them about my new plans. sometimes it was
awful, difficult, but it`s good that my project is now finished and i didn`t stop somewhere in the middle. thanks to my coordinators !!! they are really "super", and my Project was really successful !
Thanks other volunteers that they were so good and nice !
That`s all, i go home. :)

Friday, October 30, 2009


Host organisation : De Wissel vzw
Sending Organization: SIQA - Georgian Association of Educational Initatives
EVS volunteer : Irina Khvintelani
Activity dates: 01/09/2009 - 01/09/2010
Project Description:
On the project there are two volunteers. One is more responsible for the inside workshop like art, music, kitchen, … and the other one more for outside project like the garden and animals. It is possible that the volunteers agree amongst each other to change or share responsibilities as long as they take care of all the things that have to be done. We want to create a diversity in activities to the youngsters, that is why we choose to have 2 volunteers doing different things. Every morning everyone is sitting together to tell what she will to do and the daily tasks will be divided. At the end of the day everyone is sitting together to share his experiences, to tell how the day was for her. The workshops that are coming back in the week schedule are:
Music: everyone is learning to play instruments or writing songs, sing together and even sometimes they prepare some real concert for an open day.
Handcraft: making different kinds of things with wool, paper, painting, bracelets, making candles …
Art: painting or other crazy things that show something of their inner self
Cooking: trying a new receipt or just make an ordinary Belgian meal.
Wood: making a table and paint it, a cupboard or some wooden art
Garden: taking care of flowers, vegetables… the garden is also a responsibility of a volunteer group because the garden is so big and not so much youngsters are interested in gardening.
Rizsas is also hosting some animals where the project is taking care of. Some other activities that happen are: sewing, photographing, cycling or another sport, visiting a place or going to the sea, a city

Irina's diary (in Georgian)


Activity Dates 15.09.2009 – 15.06.2010
Coordinating organization : Stowarzyszenie Promocji Wolontariatu
Hosting organization :

Sending organization: SIQA Georgian Association of Educational Initiatives